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General plumbing is one of the core services that Focus Plumbing and Heating provides. Whether it is replacing a tap washer or completely re-plumbing your house. You will be assured of the highest standard of work.

General Plumbing

Tanks and Emersion Heaters




Waste disposal units

Water softeners

Lead Pipe Replacement


Toilet macerators

Sink waste disposal units

Bathroom Refurbishment

Blocked Toilets and Sinks

Washing Machine Installations

New Outside Taps

Calsoft water softeners

CalSoft Metered is an electrical water softener that works by only regenerating once a preset level of water has passed through it. This makes it one of the most economical softeners available. Water softeners are really the only solution to combat lime scale problems in hard water areas. Ion exchange is a simple process whereby the calcium (lime scale) is replaced by sodium (salt) in your water.
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